Another Christian claim of Religious Persecution. War Vet to War Vet


Unprofessional trolls My last post, not related to atheism but exposing a horrid story of rampant harassment, was directed towards Brian Kolfage. Apparently, I am a complete liar and making up "wild accusations" towards him and his ilk. Except that I have TONS of evidence in my possession that I have amassed over a 2-1/2 month span. I'm sure if it comes to it I'll release but for the moment it just doesn't seem purposeful. The good news is that there was a major scrubbing done to the Senior … [Read more...]

Brian Kolfage and Jan Vrotsos


This post has nothing to do with atheism. All of us at Rock Beyond Belief strongly believe in social justice and that it is an integral part of the liberties we have fought for as members of the U.S. Military. This story took many weeks, months in fact, of investigation on behalf of all of us here. Many of the volunteers here hold a certain amount of fear about the backlash that will come as a result. Because of that fear I will not be divulging the individuals who took part in this … [Read more...]