I suppose I look at the slimepit differently

Ophelia Benson just posted with some slime-bait, and I think she made an excellent point. I started writing this in the comments section on , but realized it was getting too long.***Edit:I do not support myself.Comments are hereby suspended. I fucked up. This post was a massive fail. I thought I could solve a year's worth of 'debate' with a sneak attack post. Fuck everything about the anthill I just kicked up. Apologies, all around. I shades-of-grey-knighted. Real life will keep a full … [Read more...]

This is why CaTURDay is really just embarrassing

Animals are great. Memes can be fun.But look what happened to this one:http://www.youtube.com/embed/dKVI2_Dl00Y?and that was in 2008!Thanks for skipping Caturday this week, Jen! … [Read more...]

The Neverending Anti-Caturday

Screw crocoducks. Falcor is a freakin' dragodoodle. And he hates caturday.All apologies to Jen McCreight and Stormageddon (or whatever she named that cat)... Oh, it looks like she went with the name Pixel. I'm still not calling off my Falcor strike.Not as cool as a Luck Dragon, Jen! Although, that might change soon... I just found out that a remake of The Neverending Story is in the works for a 2014 release. Kinda wish I hadn't learned about it. Until then, I can smile like my pal, … [Read more...]