Follow up to Apostolic Truth Tabernacle

Interesting developments...I attempted to contact Apostolic Truth Tabernacle and their pastor Reverend Jeff Sangl to no avail today. I called but the voicemail was full. Apparently I was a little late in attempting to contact them.They have updated their site as linked above and put out a new message on the front page. It does not excuse acts of the past however and in an attempt to reach out I have created a video asking Rev. Sangl to answer some questions for … [Read more...]

TX Judge’s child abuse video brings out fans of child abuse

I was reading the r/offbeat subreddit a few hours ago. I noticed that reddit was hopping all over the story of Texas Judge William Adams - who repeatedly beat his 16 year old daughter with a belt in a disturbing videotape.I clicked through to the story and I saw so many comments like this:I really wish I could click on Report abuse and CPS would show up at these people's houses, looking for signs of being beaten with a Bible Belt. This is way beyond 'spanking' and 'smacking' a … [Read more...]