A nuclear exchange with the USSR could have looked like this

All those people building bomb shelters in Idaho and South Dakota were so stupid HAHAHA!!!!Click to embiggen(Via)Comments at the source also answered some deeper questions.Q: "Whats up with the the middle top areas, the three areas covered in black dots?? What do we have there??"A: Keep in mind that these are just the active launch sites 30 years after the height of the Cold WarOn a related note, I just happen to be reading Carl Sagan's book about 'nuclear winter' The Cold a … [Read more...]

Cold War account of why Mormons were over-represented as military translators

This is an excerpt from a very funny atheist Army veteran.I had no idea that many Mormons use/used the military as a way to learn languages for their missionary work. It makes sense.Late in her career, she describes being harassed simply for being pregnant or a woman, etc. The harassers were the same religious people who spent so much time trying to convert her.I was in from 1987-1990 during the end of the cold war when interrogators went to language school for a year or so.But the … [Read more...]