Christian puppeteer / cannibal’s revolting facebook page

I suspect this will be taken down soon. For the moment, Ronald Brown's creepy public facebook profile is quite accessible.┬áRonald Brown is a puppeteer from Florida. He featured on the Christian Television Network's Joy Junction -┬áinexplicably still on the air.This was Brown's last post before beingarrested for conspiracy to eat children.Wow.Here is a picture he snapped at work in the 1980's.Blommin' times?This smiling boy is the saddest thing I found there.The effect is … [Read more...]

Puppeteer’s TV show still on the air despite plot to eat children

Christian Television Network has a media crisis on it's hands now that one of it's children's entertainers has been arrested. Ronald Brown, a puppeteer on the network's long-running Joy Junction has been charged with conspiracy to kidnap and eat children.CTN completely fails at crisis management.According to The Tampa Bay Times:Brown worked for years for the Christian Television Network in Largo, the state's oldest Christian broadcasting station. He performed with puppets on a Captain … [Read more...]