Planetary scientist Carolyn Porco fires a ‘space doodoo pistol’ at Saturn

Carolyn Porco is the leader of the Cassini imaging team. She has discovered a damned Death Star orbiting Saturn.via: Carolyn Porco at CICLIPSThe evil GALACTIC EMPIRE has inserted its Death Star among the moons of a giant ringed world orbiting a middle-aged star. Alarm spreads among the fearful EARTHLINGS on a small nearby planet: what has brought the Empire to this galactic sector, to this Sun?Intercepting sinister electromagnetic bursts, and suspicious of evil intent, the EARTHLINGS di … [Read more...]

The Dead Milkmen on a military base?

It's entirely possible. I won't get my hopes up just yet, but I'm happy they even entertained the offer.Potentially, The Dead Milkmen may even agree to play, but by the time we win our right to play at Camp Pendleton and set a hard date, they might be booked. Honestly, the RBB2 situation is in need of a reboot. I'm just now getting back to activism after a month or two lull. We appreciate the support from DM's Rodney Anonymous (@RodneyAnon), no matter what happens.Dead Milkmen - … [Read more...]

‘Punk Rock Girl’ an endearing mistake

Did anybody else notice that in the Dead Milkmen's most 'popular' song, they name-checked the wrong band?The Dead Milkmen'Punk Rock Girl', so they were idiots... 'California Dreamin' wasn't really a Beach Boys song, rather, it was by the Mamas and the Papas. Much later, a re-recording of that song by some of the Beach Boys did actually emerge.So DM has some splainin' to do. But still. Look at this godless masterpiece!The Dead … [Read more...]