West Point’s dangerous medieval Christian Crusader imagery

This is another one of those times that foxhole atheists need you to speak for them. West Point cadet, Blake Page has shunned anonymity. It was a moot offer on my behalf anyway, he already sent this up his chain of command, and they remain silent. Though he does not speak on behalf of the US Army or the DoD, he's absolutely correct - this is not only illegal, it's simply dangerous.*West Point Cadet - Blake Page writes:*Bottom Line Up Front: The 3rd Regiment Shield and motto are currently … [Read more...]

Televangelist speaks of attack by 80 foot demons, satanic baby farms

Notice how nobody else in the room seems to care... I mean it's either true and "OH NO!" or she's lying and "Lying is a sin, stfu!"But you decide:http://www.youtube.com/embed/FAM8ILWgYb4?I can't believe that the lady in the middle acts like that. She just heard about 80 foot demons attacking her friend.First question: "I'm trying to relate 80 feet... well houses are like 40 feet... so it's like two houses... okay go on, honey- it's like two houses, we're listening-" … [Read more...]

Millions of taxpayer dollars used to convert soldiers and their children to Christianity

Chris Rodda wrote an extensive exposĂ© on the amount of your taxpayer money being spent on converting soldiers and their children to Christianity.Your money.The Soldier Fitness Tracker that includes the mandatory Spiritual Fitness testing and the equally mandatory remedial training.$125,000,000The Spiritual Fitness Center at Fort Hood, Texas (many more to come!) - Often described as a 'mega church', the building even has religious stained glass windows. They are stocked with … [Read more...]