Jerry Coyne on changing his mind about Evolutionary Psychology

Yesterday, Jerry Coyne was linked to my article about his noticeable shift regarding his acceptance of evolutionary psychology. It wasn't addressed to me, but I liked his reply....Well, since you brought it up, I don’t see it as odious (as some have) that I changed my mind about the field. Part of it involved doing more reading about it, and teaching it, but most of it I attribute to the fact that the early excesses of evolutionary psychology have been tempered as the field has started p … [Read more...]

Flip of a Coyne: Jerry now champions Evolutionary Psychology

Recently, this article by Ed Clint prompted me to ask whether or not Evolutionary Psychology (EP) is getting a fair shake. I ended up writing about it a few more times, and each time somebody would bring up Jerry Coyne's scathing indictments on the entire field. That's all moot now, with a recent flip of a Coyne.I don't blame them for quoting Jerry Coyne. It's not necessarily a logical fallacy to appeal to authority, and it's pretty much all a lay-person can do. In fact, that's what I was at … [Read more...]

Evolutionary psychology explains why he’s a good boy

I'm not talking about the polarizing EvoPsych related to gender, sexism, shopping, or even humans. I'm talking about dogs!National Geographic filmed 'The Science of Dogs' a few years back. I found a particular segment to be relevant to recent blog posts regarding EvoPsych.The psychology of a dog's degree of 'human suggestibility' is tested against a similar group of's pretty cool. At the 41:00 mark, the dogs are tested and … [Read more...]