Don’t get on the vasectomy bus

Vasectomy. Why do some women think it is hilarious to kick a guy when he's down? These are friends of mine, and pretty active in the freethought scene.Seriously, this conversation spun out of control rapidly. One woman mentions vasectomy, and all of a sudden another woman takes it too far. It seems that there really is such a thing as a 'Vasectomy Bus'.Click to embiggenAmy... yikes, your poor hubby!...and then SUE!!! WTF SUE!!!!**edit: FYI, there is some literature to back … [Read more...]

Says she supports the troops… doesn’t support ALL the troops.

 A few weeks ago I contacted Justin Griffith to see if I could possibly help him promote Rock Beyond Belief.   My thinking was that because he is a busy active duty soldier, there may be room for an assistant to help with some remote tasks.   I have been following the scandal since I first heard about it back in March and since I have been wanting to get involved in atheist activism, this just seemed like the right opportunity to actually DO something as opposed to merely complaining a … [Read more...]