Miraculous Healing, Still an Atheist

Rebuttal I saw a post recently by a Christian blogger on Patheos claiming that about 18 years ago he was healed of some incurable disease and that it was evidence of God's existence. I have a very similar personal anecdote...and oddly enough I find little to no evidence that it was indeed divine intervention that saved me. Here goes.After high school I opted not to go directly into college because I knew that I was not disciplined enough to continue my education at that age. I began working … [Read more...]

6 dead after church tells them to stop taking HIV medication

Reporters in the U.K. have uncovered a tragedy.Faith healers there have been telling their congregations that they can cure anything - including HIV. And people are dying. Six victims and counting.An undercover reporter went to one of the many UK churches that claim to be able to cure anything.The person hardly blinked, and promised them a cure.From the report:At least six people with HIV stopped taking their medication and died after churches claimed God could cure them, … [Read more...]