It’s still an animal cruelty story

In the interest of accuracy, I've got some new information in the story about the man who attempted to drown Dolly the cat.First of all, that's her new name, Dolly. Her new foster family picked it because she's 'just a doll' and overwhelmingly friendly. She still needs to be adopted to a permanent loving home, but not until she makes a full medical recovery.Second, it seems that 'religious mania' possibly played less of a part in this man's rage than was previously communicated to me. He … [Read more...]

Man tries to drown a cat, convinced it was literally ‘from hell’

My wife, Tianna, recently rescued a very pregnant abandoned cat. This cat was extremely friendly with humans, indicating that this is yet another abandoned pet in a military town, in this case Fort Bragg, North Carolina.All three of her kittens are now dead. Friday night we found out that a local man attempted to drown this cat earlier that day. He admitted this to a shocked staff of a local veterinarian's office. He also slammed on her cage repeatedly as he screamed, "This cat is from hell! … [Read more...]

Protest the Fort Bragg area pastor who says “punch your gay child”

I'm going to church on Sunday. This church:Priscilla, the new leader of the Military Atheists & Secular Humanists at Fort Bragg (MASH Fort Bragg) secured a permit for all of us to protest outside this awful man's church. Several religious groups are on board. I think the local Humanist organization, CNCAH is bringing out their members too.This protest is one of those unified fronts that hard-liner atheists like me secretly love to participate in. This is simply social … [Read more...]

Tornadoes are evil and my cat is a bastard

I was gone for two minutes.In the meantime, Zero did this (above)The speakers were freaking out with loud error beeps (which continued for several minutes after I removed him). There is no way he was comfortable, and he clearly has a spiteful 'In your face' smile.Damage done:closed 3 email replies (not recovered) launched VLC crashed VLC crashed a browser (twice actually because he opened hundreds of tabs, and I was naive enough to try to restore my tabs)So instead of that really … [Read more...]