While you are praying

The atheist has got your back. (click to embiggen)I'm a big supporter of the Free Exercise Clause, and I would not be against my peers praying - except in two circumstances.1) The forced prayer that is being depicted here.A few times every month, I'm ordered to 'stand at attention' and then 'bow my head' for the chaplain's invocation (read: prayer). The circumstances are entirely secular and overtly bland in nature. I'm talking about retirement ceremonies, change of command … [Read more...]

For over 5 years, Soldiers punished for not attending evangelical concerts

Jason C. writes:I was in AIT at Fort Eustis,VA in 2003 and the drill sergeants tried to force everyone to go to a Christian evangelical rock concert . After I spoke up to our platoon leader he brought up to the drill sergeant that some people were not Christian. Everyone was forced to toe the line to pull out our dog tags and show our religious affiliation we had on the tags.Even when I had No Religious Preference on my tags I was questioned and required to tell him I was an atheist . I … [Read more...]