Look! I’m in the July / August 2012 issue of Playboy Magazine

Sort of... Well, my activism is in the new issue of Playboy, anyway. Neat! It may appear on slightly different pages, regionally. Perhaps not at all internationally. Cliche 'I read the articles' jokes aside, I've really seen some interesting articles in the pages of that mag. Shit, I even discovered Peter Max's artwork through Playboy. There seriously is some high-brow stuff in there, for those who never looked. Personally, I don't find the so-called 'bombshell look' all that … [Read more...]

DoD’s top chaplains finally discussed letting atheists meet on post

After years of trying to get the military to formally recognize and support atheist groups equally, an answer may be forthcoming. It's a no-brainer from a legal standpoint. Establishment Clause, EEO, Limited Public Forum... pick your poison. Unfortunately, it really could go either way - potentially begging a massive lawsuit. I have it on good authority that after over a year of stalling, the Armed Forces Chaplains Board finally discussed the issue. It's still not even clear if they've made a … [Read more...]

An Atheist’s Speech for Christians (Todd Stiefel at Fort Bragg)

Todd Stiefel is an influential philanthropist who funds an astounding number of innovative atheist upstart projects. He also has decades of business experience, giving him that rare quality-control that our movement needs. We're forever in debt to him for giving us a chance at the first Rock Beyond Belief. Todd is also an excellent public speaker, and was right at home on our stage. He took the opportunity to direct his speech towards Christians. An atheist's speech for … [Read more...]

Protest the Fort Bragg area pastor who says “punch your gay child”

I'm going to church on Sunday. This church: Priscilla, the new leader of the Military Atheists & Secular Humanists at Fort Bragg (MASH Fort Bragg) secured a permit for all of us to protest outside this awful man's church. Several religious groups are on board. I think the local Humanist organization, CNCAH is bringing out their members too. This protest is one of those unified fronts that hard-liner atheists like me secretly love to participate in. This is simply social … [Read more...]

Army unit says only religious troops get out of work Friday morning

This flyer just went up on the Facebook page for the 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne... (or simply 2-508 PIR). They are stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C. ---- EDIT: ***IMPORTANT UPDATE*** ***IMPORTANT UPDATE 2 - They 'fixed' it and reposted it... with a wall of text rant aimed at me. Can't respond their because I'm banned. *** ---- After I asked around, it seems that there is no 'time away from work' opportunity for the … [Read more...]

Goodnight, MASH Fort Bragg

www.youtube.com/embed/AI8NuFAETMQ? I am so proud of all of you. Thanks for sticking in there and being the example to all the other MASH groups that are sprouting up. It's up to you now. I'm leaving - I'm a recruiter now - hooray! Effective immediately, I'm quitting this group. I love you all (in god's gay way) and I wish nothing but the best for the new leadership. You should all stay active in this group and participate to your fullest. You've got something special here, please keep it … [Read more...]

Anti-gay marriage legislation directly affects straight couples

On September 20, 2011 Don't Ask, Don't Tell was officially repealed. This was a huge victory for all the soldiers, organizations, politicians, and citizens that put their time and effort into combating DADT. Obviously, the LGBT rights issue is far from settled in the military. But here at Fort Bragg, N.C. we've got a special kind of hate and coming from the state legislature. And you can help! The Stiefel Freethought Foundation has a new campaign – combating North Carolina’s … [Read more...]

Off the record, Sgt. Griffith is doing the work of Satan

Enough time has passed that I can share this bizarre little story. A powerful chaplain refused to speak to the press about RBB, citing an unverified order from above. He just couldn't help himself from saying something. A documentary is in post-production right now about the lead up to RBB, keep an eye out. Scott Burdick, the filmmaker, relayed his experience talking to Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Antonio McElroy. Scott called the Garrison Chaplain's office, hoping to speak to any chaplain about the … [Read more...]

Two marriage proposals at the Fort Bragg atheist festival

Just before the camera started rolling, I started the set up: "The best part of any YouTube debate is always a Q & A session. It's a bit more intimate, and honest discussion starts happening. So let's get a mix-mic out there, for some Q & A" /www.youtube.com/embed/DJHajd68AMQ? Congratulations to the Riddlehoovers! That's enough Q & A. Dave Silverman then joined me on stage and we shared 'a moment'. A second marriage proposal almost happened! This footage comes from the … [Read more...]

FastSigns initially refused to print THIS atheist sign!?

A local FastSigns store refused to print this sign: Yeah. Nothing in there attacking religion at all. It's simply 'atheist'. That one word. What the hell? They eventually changed their minds, after my team member fired off an angry response to this: From: FASTSIGNS 243 Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 10:04 AM Subject: MASH banner Thank you for contacting us regarding your banner needs for your upcoming event. Its certainly something we could do for you. I was not aware that we … [Read more...]