Not even the Muppets are safe from Fox News

Yesterday I released the full transcript of the interview I did with Todd Starnes at Fox News. He is attempting to stir up controversy where there is none, in a play to get our festival shut down.But I'm not special. Fox News is notorious for this. Not even the Muppets are safe from Fox News''s like their viewers will believe anything. Millions would die if this image appeared on Fox and Friends.(hat tip - Chris Howard) … [Read more...]

FOXNews investigates the atheist festival, gets it twisted.

I know that Todd Starnes, and the religious right at Fox News have an agenda.Of course I know this ahead of time.I realize that journalists edit down their interviews, but should strive to do so in an ethical manner. Such 'ethical editing' is not what happened on Friday as Fox News 'reporter' Todd Starnes wrote his story about the festival. But I expected that. Fortunately, I recorded this interview, (thanks for transcribing, Kate!) - It can be read in its entirety at the bottom, but you s … [Read more...]

TX Congressmen to force Christian prayer over my dead body.

Texas lawmakers want Christian groups to be permitted to use Christian themes, prayers, speeches *without seeking consent* in every single military veteran funeral statewide. But that's not how the story is being told.I love being in the military, and I consider it an honor to serve this country. It makes me sad to hear about something like this. At least three Texas-based U.S. congressmen (all of whom self-identify with the Tea Party) are using military funerals for political gain: Ted Poe … [Read more...]

There Are No Atheists In Fox News

I'll just leave this here. Subtle change is very subtle.I'm all for exposing the 'No atheists in foxholes' BS for what it is. Some people prefer to counter with long winded debunking, or lists of atheist who served in the armed forces. And I like those things too.But I prefer to take the piss out of the myth with humor.Best usage:Condescending Theist: "You know there are no atheists in foxholes, right?"Sly guy: "You mean Fox-News not fox-hole. That's the fundie news network, so I … [Read more...]