Frostcall Interviews Justin Griffith, Jason Torpy, Grace Quiroz

Frostcall's Tom and Wendy have been extremely kind to Rock Beyond Belief, devoting several episodes to our project, even before we gained the current momentum we are enjoying. The Frostcall podcast is consistently entertaining, and has enjoyed steadily increasing popularity in the crowded field of atheist radio shows. It's perhaps because of the unique perspective the hosts share, recent de-conversion. Tom and Wendy met and fell in love in a pentecostal church.  Tom was raised an evangelical chri … [Read more...]

Richard Dawkins to Speak at Fort Bragg’s Rock Beyond Belief

Richard Dawkins is arguably the most well-known advocate for evolution, biology, and atheism in modern times. We are extremely pleased to announce that Richard will be speaking at our festival on post at Fort Bragg, this Spring.We've certainly come a long way since September 25th, when Franklin Graham (already banned from the pentagon) rolled through Fort Bragg with his Rock the Fort series of events. Our all volunteer group has accomplished much, and at each step we've been excited to break … [Read more...]