24 Hour Rapture Telethon on May 21st – Save the Date!

Attention: May 21st, 2011 is the Last chance to dance! (Ever.)The world is ending, and the rapture is going to be screwing up your Christmas. Didn't you hear?Luckily, we at Rock Beyond Belief have an early present for you. Deborah at God Discussion, will be hosting a star studded interactive 24 hour telethon. The funds being raised are going to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation's defense of Rock Beyond Belief in any upcoming litigation. Any leftover funds will certainly be put to … [Read more...]

God Discussion Radio to discuss Rock Beyond Belief

Deborah, host of God Discussion's Radio show will be interviewing me at 9:00 Eastern tonight! Click here to listen. Click here to read a little more about the episode.My segment is a late addition, because I had to clarify some things with my Public Affairs Office (PAO). So if you are reading the article in the above link, that is the reason for the missing information on Rock Beyond Belief. ¬†PAO gave me the proper guidance, and I look forward to a lively discussion. I'll be on around … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween! Have a treat: news about Rock Beyond Belief.

Halloween is typically considered to be secular these days, despite it's roots in ancient pagan religion ('Samhain') and parts of 16th century Christianity. It's a fun excuse to play dress up for many religious people and non-theists alike. We're talking about free candy here, folks. Zombies and free candy. Right on.Just to catch everyone up with the latest on the festival, here is what's new: New Facebook Page We have a new Facebook page, with a feed to this very blog built right into it. If … [Read more...]