Dean of Students at Baptist Seminary advises a FAKE chaplain

Russell Moore is the Dean of Students at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Last week, he published an Op-ed in the Christian Post - featuring his reply to 'A Confused Chaplain'.Dear Dr. Moore,I'm a committed evangelical Christian, and also a chaplain with responsibility for people from all sorts of religious backgrounds. I am called on to pray at many functions, with mixed audiences. Some over me are pressuring me not to end my prayers "in Jesus' name" but to instead pray more … [Read more...]

Disgraced chaplain lies, and prays that Rev. Barry Lynn dies

Dishonored ex-chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt was fired from the Navy. His leadership documented him violating regulations about wearing the military uniform to protests and political rallies.It was not about 'In Jesus Name', it was about protesting in front of the White House.But Klingenschmitt makes a living lying about his situation. He's one of those evangelicals who are so blinded to reality that they kind of lose their grip. His single-minded focus and passionate drive are … [Read more...]

Notorious ex-Navy Chaplain blesses Lowes Home Improvement stores

Gordon James Klingenschmitt has previously prayed for Mikey Weinstein and Rev. Barry Lynn to die soon. He recently prayed for Lowes Home Improvement stores to perform well.Click here for the audio recording. *Warning, the first few seconds are intense - turn down the volume. In fact, this transcript is probably safest.*Transcript of Klingenschmitt's prayer:Let us pray,Almighty God, please bless Lowes Home Improvement stores for their wise decision to stop advertising for the TV sh … [Read more...]