Growing a set of principles

For some reason, Lousy Canuck defends lies about me while he talks about*  a man who was kicked off this blogging network for the exact type of harassment that we all rail against.He argues that we're all living in different parallel universes. I think he's right.*(holiday edit)And then there’s when Greg Laden says he wants to kick Justin Griffith’s ass for defending the serial harassers, and that’s a breach of protocol worthy of condemnation and drumming out of the movement and exorcism an … [Read more...]

Greg Laden posts a home address and employer contacts for online rival

This is really vile. I don't care what you think about your opponent in an argument.You never ever do this:That link contained what he hoped was Mykeru's home address. Only it wasn't his home, it was his ex-wife's home, and that was years ago. Even then, she may not even live there anymore! Some other family may be targeted by whatever plot Laden may have hoped to inspire by dropping dox.Also included in that link was this actual photograph of the building:Seriously, WTF!? I … [Read more...]