National Guard advertise jobs in Military Intelligence on Friendly Atheist

So yesterday we learned that the National Guard had a sectarian themed recruitment ad. This ad had no indication of being aimed towards potential chaplains - and plausible evidence to the contrary. It featured a soldier's torso with a 'Holy Bible' prominently featured in his possession, with the words "You are needed here."In an bit of epic irony, this just happened on Hemant Mehta's FriendlyAtheist:Hemant has recently switched to the new Patheos meta-site. I've noticed the shift in ad … [Read more...]

Have a Delicious Limited Public Forum and Eat it Too

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has recently released the following.I took these from my iPhone back in Easter while deployed in Afghanistan. I couldn't send them to my email until I got back from the deployment. These cakes were laid out in our combat Forward Operating Base dining facility during Easter, 2011.(name, rank, combat unit, military installation and MOS withheld) This is getting ridiculous. I've never seen John 3:16 proselytism via cake before. I'm pretty sure … [Read more...]