Christian gloating over the heavy rains at the atheist festival

I am the recipient of electronic mail.This message came through the atheist festival's contact form on the morning of the festival. It had been raining pretty hard all morning.From: mikeSubject: wxMessage Body:enjoying the weather today? Sorta like a flood, huh?Yeah... It stopped raining just after this email was sent. Then it was blue skies and sunshine from then on out.Here's my reply.Mike,It was a lot like a flood. It was the power of prayer at work, clearly. … [Read more...]

Shitfaced in the Portal Potty

I've been deployed to the sandbox for several months. So I made this:What do you think about my Portal Potty?Don't get the joke? You must not have played the science and physics-based video game Portal (or it's incredible sequel - what an ending!) That's okay, you don't have to play it to get it, but you totally should. Even if you don't like video games.Watch this 30 second clip, and you'll get the idea. are person-sized … [Read more...]