How to fight back against mandatory prayer and win

Bookmark this one. This letter accidentally became the best walk-through on how to fight back against those mandatory ceremony prayers.For 17 years, every military graduation ceremony I've been to has had an invocation and/or benediction.  This includes schools like: Basic, AIT, PLDC, BNCOC... and BNCOC at Ft. Eustis specifically named Jesus.  I'm an instructor and have attended ceremonies for WLC and an MOS reclassification course that have included prayer…until recently.I'd locked horns w … [Read more...]

Air Force squadron sings ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ during mandatory prayers

Julie M. wrote to me with a pretty funny story:Hi,Good luck. My air force brother asked me to forward this. He hopes you’ll get a kick out of it.He had a squadron commander who liked group prayer. This made two men in my brother’s crew uncomfortable.Solution, organize the whole squadron to hum Mary had a little lamb very softly during prayers. Prayers stopped.Hilarious. I suppose that's one way to make like a shepherd and get the flock out of there!I can't see this str … [Read more...]