Are you smarter than a 13th grader?

I get a lot of email from college students – on a wide variety of subjects, anthropology, psychology, political science and philosophy. One time I was even alerted to this brain-stabbing, and military-backed ‘angel healing’ college. This time, I’m visited by a young college freshman in a comparative religion’s course. Hi, my name is Siara. I [Read More…]

Sideburns should go back to 1860’s regulations

I’m just sayin’… I’m on leave. Lots of soldiers do embarrassing little cosmetic experiments when we can… because we can.  Mohawks, beards, etc. Our wives all roll their eyes, but, “YOU JUST DON’T GET IT!” works every time. (: Shaving them off tonight. My hair grows fast; that’s only a week or so of intentional mutton chop [Read More…]

Elevator music-gate

I haven’t written about the so-called elevator-gate situation, and probably never will. I feel that all the important things that could be said, have been said (in a sea of shit that probably shouldn’t have been said). I grew bored of the discussion early on – despite the fact that I’m a feminist and ‘picked [Read More…]

Richard Dawkins issues Statement of Intent to Fort Bragg

I’ve been approached by a number of reporters asking a peculiar question. About half the time they only ask about our headliner, Richard Dawkins. “Fort Bragg says that the people in your lineup didn’t issue a Statement of Intent to them, a letter saying that they were actually coming. Why not?” Well, they never asked for one. [Read More…]

Jeffrey Lewis – To Be Objectified

Last week, anti-folk hero Jeffrey Lewis announced his tentative appearance at Rock Beyond Belief. We are proud to have such a talented singer/songwriter come out and play a set for us. Maybe you haven’t heard of him, or maybe you only heard of him via association with Kimya Dawson (the musician behind the Juno soundtrack, [Read More…]

Jeffrey Lewis to play Rock Beyond Belief

Plug in your speakers and shove the next song up your mind. You Don’t Have To Be A Scientist To Do Experiments On Your Own Heart Jeffrey Lewis, anti-folk musician and critically acclaimed singer-songwriter has joined the lineup for the Freedom Festival. If you have no idea what antifolk music is, Wikipedia sums it up [Read More…]