Chaplains hand out anti-gay, anti-jewish ‘Manga Messiah’ hate comic

Talk2Action has picked up the story of the awful 'Manga Messiah' comics that are being handed out to deployed soldiers. They're also used in Uganda to brainwash kids against Jews, gays, and witches.via Talk2Action:The publisher claims that millions of copies of Manga Messiah have been distributed in countries around the globe, from Uganda to Guatemala to Great Britain. And, according to ... Justin Griffith,¬†who also serves as the Military Director for American Atheists, Manga Messiah … [Read more...]

Jesus, is there any good anime out there?

I know everybody develops their own taste in art. Among anime nerds, it's no different. The thing is, I don't know if I'm really much of an anime guy. I find the vast majority of it to be reformulations of the "how are we going to use our powers this week" variety. Though there are exceptions, I don't tend to like the comedies - and never the romances. I like the artsy-fartsy stuff, and I crave more of it.Cat Soup (full)This is my all time favorite. It's a nearly wordless 30 minutes. It … [Read more...]

Strange Jesus ‘manga comics’ distributed to the troops

This one is a bit of a head-scratcher.There is a Christian themed Japanese 'manga' (comic book) now frequently offered up to soldiers.Yeah. Luckily the David Silverman 'WTF Guy' meme was ready to go. I have 'no idea' where all the extra copies might have come from... How did this thing not sell out!?!?!Look, they totally nailed itThat's a scene from The Messiah from NextManga. This 54 page full-color 'authentic Japanese' manga does a decent job as far as the artwork is … [Read more...]