Actually, calling Mikey Weinstein an atheist IS Defamation!


In the news Recently there has been a media flurry surrounding Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Megyn Kelly, of Fox News, along with James and Shirley Dobson went on a verbal assault of Mikey and MRFF.  Claiming that Mikey was an atheist (he's not) and the MRFF was an atheist organization (it's not) .Now is this a problem? That all depends upon context. 'Atheist' is not defamation Actually...Before you can make an argument as to whether or not … [Read more...]

The bullies of baseball…

Even though it doesn't feel like it for most Americans, spring really is almost upon us, and with spring comes baseball.  Unfortunately in this country, you apparently can't attend a major league game (or even other kinds of games) without being forced to participate in a religious exercise or risk opening yourself up for harassment and worse.Here's how this particular bully pulpit works.  Usually around the 6th or 7th inning, the spectators are requested to stand for the playing or signing o … [Read more...]

The Feelies

You're about to click away. It's okay, I don't take it personally. This post is about music, not about freethought. Who do I think I am anyway, Lester Bangs?I remember discovering The Feelies records about a decade ago. Something told me that it was so special that I should save them for a day when I gave up on music. I've done this with books too, refusing to read the last book in a series, or even the last pages. Finishing them seemed too fatalistic.Now I'm older and though I haven't … [Read more...]

Why I’m leaving Rock Beyond Belief

^that guy^Dubble yew Tee Eff!!I've been absent for awhile and I wish it were under better conditions that I was able to make another post. Unforunately, I will be leaving Rock Beyond Belief 2. My efforts to get this movement off the ground running have taken me on a short journey I thought I would never be a part of.I have been fortunate enough to meet so many amazing people within the freethought movement and learn about a community that I previously was unaware of. A community of … [Read more...]

How come all the unicorns in the bible are dead?

The King James bible is my favorite. Not only is it the most poetic translation, KJV also has unicorns!Isaiah 34:7 And the unicorns shall come down with them, and the bullocks with the bulls; and their land shall be soaked with blood, and their dust made fat with fatness.That's my favorite of the bunch. There are seven more verses that refer to unicorns. Neat! Most literalist apologists that cling to KJV refer to unicorns as 'real' but mislabeled. Unicorns are 'actually' aurochs, the … [Read more...]

Earliest Occupy Wall Street, circa 2000

This band really needs to record new material.Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now in the wikipedia:The shoot for the music video on January 26, 2000, caused the doors of the New York Stock Exchange to be closed. In fact, the Stock Exchange locked its doors mid-day in response to fears of crowds gathering to watch the filming. This was not recorded as a closure as trading on the exchange floor continued uninterrupted. … [Read more...]

Songs that make you not want to die

When I'm feeling like a sad-bastard I don't play sad-bastard music. I put on music about overcoming tragedy. I'm not sure if I invented the phrase 'self-help rock' or not. It's not a real genre, but then again, I could probably fill several mix-tapes with it.This is a list of songs that may even save lives (only half kidding there.)Self-help rockEels - I Write the B-Sides 2001This band basically defines the 'self-help rock' concept for me. They snagged three spots on this list, but … [Read more...]

Underground songs for those attempting to be underground

This post is not a personal entry, nor a call for help. Just sit back. Click. It is what it is.Primitive Hands - I'll Die Alone (2009)Mission of Burma - That's When I Reach for my Revolver (1981) Milkmen - I Hate Myself (1989) Johnston - Casper the Friendly Ghost (1983) Rooster - This Close To Suicide (Again) [2000]My favorite type of … [Read more...]