Eugenie Scott, Josh Rosenau, Donald Prothero support foxhole atheists

The legendary champion of good science, Eugenie Scott has been caught supporting an atheist event (again!). Specifically, the foxhole atheist event at Ft Bragg. [Read more…]

Eugenie Scott – The Nature of Science

“Science doesn’t say ‘there is no God’. Science doesn’t say ‘God doesn’t act’. We just can’t test God, so we leave him out.” – Eugenie Scott I like that quote from the video. I personally think that science directly contradicts all of the major religions’ sacred books. But I concede that there are many people [Read More…]

Eugenie Scott to speak at Rock Beyond Belief

Rock Beyond Belief is proud to announce that Eugenie Scott will be speaking at our festival. Eugenie Scott is probably most well known for being the executive director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE). That organization emerged from the grass roots efforts against “equal time for creationism” legislation which sprang up in the late [Read More…]