On Motorcycles and Vaginas….

This isn’t related to atheism or the military, except as it relates to abortion restrictions and the fact that most of those restrictions are put in place by religious people who think they are doing the work of their god. When I first heard about North Carolina senate bill 353, I thought it was a [Read More…]

Why the entire town of King NC rallied against an atheist Afghan War hero

Almost the entire town it seems, anyway. Afghan War veteran – Steven Hewett – demanded that the city remove the Christian Flag that was raised over the public memorial to veterans like him. They called him a coward, and threatened to beat him up (and the handful of other supporters). They demanded that people like [Read More…]

Sasquatch hunters recruit in Fort Bragg area

Quick, hide your blurry pictures! Wax your back! No really, they are recruiting in my area. Here’s the craigslist ad for their facebook group. Join the Tarheel Sasquatch Researchers Organization on Facebook today. Here is a screen cap for posterity. Craigslist will delete the ad automatically soon. [Read more…]