Winnie The Pooh Would Be Sad


He can't take his honey from the hundred-acre wood to the United States without checking it. Honeygate? The whole point of honeygate, as it is now being called, was to point out the despoilment of our liberties. The voluntary despoilment. We are steadily giving up liberty for safety. Of course this was the perfect opportunity for some internet warriors to attack Dawkins. I'm not particularly interested in defending Dawkins as I do not think he needs my help nor do I feel obligated to help … [Read more...]

US Army just punked all the local Justin Bieber fans at Fort Meade

Fort Meade, Maryland is home to the National Security Agency (NSA). Clearly, they've got some real 'smart guys' working there. The official Fort Meade Facebook page just announced a surprise visit from a ridiculous cast of characters. It was a 'short notice opportunity'.Apparently, a few people actually¬†showed up. They¬†didn't think it was funny... which makes it even funnier.Team Meade - NOW ANNOUNCING A SHORT NOTICE OPPORTUNITY!!!In a surprise promotional event for their upcoming j … [Read more...]