10 years ago

I saw this popping up today on social media They fail to mention Pat was a foxhole atheist who stood against the war and planned on speaking out against it through books and speeches when his contract ended. [Read more…]

“Pat Tillman Cross” comes down

A Memorial Day story on the local news station channel 14 caught my eye. Pat Tillman’s name was prominently featured on a cross on church grounds. *Please don’t call the phone number – it’s handled.* I called the news station, and I called the church – no response. So I grabbed the megaphone. Thank you [Read More…]

Church puts Pat Tillman on a Christian cross for Memorial Day

I nearly destroyed my television set. Right now, I want to destroy a television network. Fuck everything about this. … Watch this report about Barbara Morris’ church-driven memorial to the troops. [UPDATE: Channel 14 did the right thing and re-edited the story without this cross, and the reporter apologized. Barbara promised to remove Pat’s cross [Read More…]

Which NFL player is more patriotic,Tim Tebow or Pat Tillman?

Larian wrote to me about a recent Unreasonable Faith post. Tim Tebow VS Pat Tillman If Tim Tebow’s god was real, isn’t that cheating when he prays so hard for victory? [Read more…]

Out of Iraq, Finally.

The A.P. just released a story that claims to know that we are abandoning the concept of troops in Iraq in 2012. I wish I could comment further, but this is welcome news personally. BAGHDAD (AP) — The U.S. is abandoning plans to keep U.S. troops in Iraq past a year-end withdrawal deadline, The Associated [Read More…]

Tom Clancy quotes US General denying that atheists exist in combat.

“I have never known an atheist in combat, and I do not ever expect to find one. I do not believe that this is a revelation discovered only by Carl Stiner.” [Read more…]

Proudly presenting Jayne DeMarco’s amazing ‘This Is What An Atheist Looks Like’ series

This Is What An Atheist Looks Like: Pat Tillman Jayne Demarco‘s wonderful series, This Is What An Atheist Looks Like has been graciously allowed for our use. Jayne has even offered to donate an original piece for the Rock Beyond Belief. Thank you, Jayne. We will be reposting your stereotype-breaking artwork at regular intervals. [Read more…]