Why the move?

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The chief motivation for moving the RBB blog to Patheos is to circumvent the increasingly frequent blocking of our site at many military bases.These bases allow similar content from religious perspectives, so it's not just some blanket policy on blogs. Frankly, this is likely to come up again (and again). Even the main website for the festival we launched was blocked by many military bases, despite the event being largely staffed by DoD personnel. Blogging with ferocious activists like Chris … [Read more...]

Settling in to our New Home


Getting cozy I plan to have some new blogs up this week. I'm glad to be at Patheos and hope you guys and girls are ready to help support us as we keep the Foxhole Atheist movement rolling!I'm still working on getting the old blog posts moved over here and learning the basics about how Patheos is run. It's just a little different from Freethoughtblogs so it'll take me a short time to get it all down. Please stay patient and I promise to keep you guys thoroughly informed with the activism … [Read more...]