Christian gloating over the heavy rains at the atheist festival

I am the recipient of electronic mail.This message came through the atheist festival's contact form on the morning of the festival. It had been raining pretty hard all morning.From: mikeSubject: wxMessage Body:enjoying the weather today? Sorta like a flood, huh?Yeah... It stopped raining just after this email was sent. Then it was blue skies and sunshine from then on out.Here's my reply.Mike,It was a lot like a flood. It was the power of prayer at work, clearly. … [Read more...]

Air Force squadron sings ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ during mandatory prayers

Julie M. wrote to me with a pretty funny story:Hi,Good luck. My air force brother asked me to forward this. He hopes you’ll get a kick out of it.He had a squadron commander who liked group prayer. This made two men in my brother’s crew uncomfortable.Solution, organize the whole squadron to hum Mary had a little lamb very softly during prayers. Prayers stopped.Hilarious. I suppose that's one way to make like a shepherd and get the flock out of there!I can't see this str … [Read more...]

“If the bullets were flying your way faggot boy…”

I receive email. Craig Campbell writes:why can’t you just live and let live,i bet you if the bullets were flying your way faggot boy you’d be praying cockbite,so justin go fuck yourself and its too bad your a minorityHow do I even 'pray cockbite'? If I catch a religious soldier praying cockbite when bullets are flying, I'd smack him. Even just 'regular prayer', really. He might get us all killed! SHOOT BACK, DUMBASS!!!!This one is less offensive, but the last sentence is pric … [Read more...]

Pabst Yellow Ribbon Campaign

These yellow ribbons, stickers, and magnets are pointless and only benefit the makers of ribbons, stickers, and magnets.Find a soldier, veteran, or military spouse and just say "Thank you."Bonus points: beer is another way to spend about the same amount of money as the ribbon would have cost. That's why I'm dubbing this the 'Pabst Yellow Ribbon Campaign'.Check out all the ways you can give thanks and/or beer: … [Read more...]