Happy Halloween! Have a treat: news about Rock Beyond Belief.

Halloween is typically considered to be secular these days, despite it's roots in ancient pagan religion ('Samhain') and parts of 16th century Christianity. It's a fun excuse to play dress up for many religious people and non-theists alike. We're talking about free candy here, folks. Zombies and free candy. Right on. Just to catch everyone up with the latest on the festival, here is what's new: New Facebook Page We have a new Facebook page, with a feed to this very blog built right into it. If … [Read more...]

Ed Brayton to speak at the Rock Beyond Belief

Ed Brayton is the latest amazing speaker to join the lineup for the Rock Beyond Belief. He currently blogs daily at Dispatches From The Culture Wars blog, hosted on ScienceBlogs. It's tagline is: 'Thoughts from the interface of science, religion, law and culture'. So it's an obvious and natural fit for us. His recent post about us is responsible for us hitting Google News. I'm a fan of his daily 'Dumbass quote of the day' series (and the slightly less often 'Badass quote of the day').  You … [Read more...]

Rock Beyond Belief discussed on RichardDawkins.net

The Richard Dawkins discussion group / forum has decided to green light a story about Rock Beyond Belief.We are grateful to the moderators for the thread. I kicked off the discussion with a brief recap of the story so far. Recently, Ft Bragg was 'treated' to an evangelical event called 'Rock the Fort'. Many called for Ft Bragg to cancel the event, with protests from the FFRF, and many allied organizations. They didn't cancel it. In fact, LTG Helmick, the post commander responded by saying that … [Read more...]