Four exciting papers on evolutionary psychology

I find the following evolutionary psychology papers fascinating. Listed in no particular order.I.Fears, Phobias, and Preparedness: Toward an Evolved Module of Fear and Fear LearningArne Ohman - Karolinska Institute | Susan Mineka - Northwestern UniversityViewed from the evolutionary perspective, fear is central to mammalian evolution. As a product of natural selection, it is shaped and constrained by evolutionary contingencies. It is a central thesis of this article that this evolut … [Read more...]

Is evolutionary psychology not getting a fair shake?

I am not a scientist, but I am a fan of calm, rational scientific debate. One of my favorite bloggers, Rebecca Watson, has been one of many voices critical of the field of 'evolutionary psychology'.Until recently, I simply accepted it as a failed science. Now I'm back on the fence, largely leaning the other direction. UCLA graduate student, Ed Clint also appears to be a fan of Rebecca Watson. However, he is much more of an expert in this particular topic, as he has experience in the field. … [Read more...]