Is our radio advertisement for the atheist festival over the top?

Well yes, yes it is. But we like to have fun here. Rock Beyond Belief radio ad This is our ‘demo tape’ for the atheist festival on Fort Bragg. We’d only do something along these lines for the rock station. NPR just doesn’t seem like a good place for “AIDEN WILL RUIN YOUR FAMILY AND [Read More…]

Richard Dawkins photoshopped into army fatigues = offensive? Fixed!

I forgot that last time I posted Richard Dawkins photoshopped into the soldier ACU digital camouflage, that some service members were kind of offended. I want to make up for it. I’ll just leave this here. I just hope Richard lets me down gently if he doesn’t like it. Anybody know if “The Redcoats are coming” [Read More…]

A chaplain is telling Fort Bragg that we plan to burn down churches

FORT BRAGG, NC – Chaplain (Captain) Chuck Williams wrote an open letter on Fort Bragg’s Facebook page calling for the cancellation of on-post secular festival Rock Beyond Belief. Cpt. Williams claims, “It has now been made blatantly public by [event] organizers that part of this event will be… glorifying violence against people who possess a [Read More…]

Military Community: ask Richard Dawkins anything

We just released official schedule for the Rock Beyond Belief festival on Fort Bragg 31 March (civilians welcome!) We want to invite any military member, veteran, or military spouse to submit a question in the comments section here. You will notice the “Richard Dawkins Q&A video“. It simply must be. There are too many variables that [Read More…]

Yes, we are aware that Fort Bragg hasn’t added us to their calendar (yet)

Posters and fliers will be distributed on post. All-user notices will be emailed from Fort Bragg’s PAO and MWR to the 60,000 troops. Stories will appear in the local Fort Bragg paper, Paraglide. At least, that’s the sort of support that we have been approved. [Read more…]

Threats to rape and kill atheists? Stay classy, Fox News viewers.

Wow. The one that catches my eye the most is this one: ‘I love Jesus, and the cross and if you dont, I hope someone rapes you!’ by Sindy. Mind boggling. [Read more…]

Dr. J Anderson Thomson Supports Military Atheists

“Why We Believe In God(s)” – provides a brief and accessible guide to understand why and how the human mind generates, accepts, and spreads religious beliefs. [Read more…]

Richard Dawkins issues Statement of Intent to Fort Bragg

I’ve been approached by a number of reporters asking a peculiar question. About half the time they only ask about our headliner, Richard Dawkins. “Fort Bragg says that the people in your lineup didn’t issue a Statement of Intent to them, a letter saying that they were actually coming. Why not?” Well, they never asked for one. [Read More…]