Foxhole Atheist Justin Griffith’s reply to Fort Bragg Commander

***Attention Readers*** The following is my reply to Colonel Sicinski, the Garrison Commander at Fort Bragg. He had commented on this website two weeks ago, and I've now received assurance that I would be able to post and respectfully reply to it without fear of repercussions. I maintain the utmost respect for my entire chain of command, and appreciate this opportunity to clear the air about some complicated issues.----Sir,I really appreciate that you reached out to me and the readers … [Read more...]

Nobody On Our Lineup Has Been Banned From Army Events

This is another entry in the The Great Rock the Fort Swindle - exploring the disparity between the support for Rock the Fort and the Rock Beyond Belief.Franklin Graham is the driving force behind the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, who co-sponsored (along with Fort Bragg) the Rock the Fort event. He has previously been banned from official Army events before, and it makes me wonder why his organization was given so much support. In comparison, nobody on our lineup, or on the Rock Beyond … [Read more...]

The Great Rock The Fort Swindle

Side by side comparison of the inequalities in the culture clash at Fort BraggToday I saw too much disinformation about the situation on the ground here. The articles clearly needed to be written, because people are starting to swallow some major shall we say... 'unfounded assumptions'.The Great Rock the Fort Swindle is a living document chronicling the disparity between the support offered to Rock the Fort's evangelical Christian membership drive [overwhelming] and Rock Beyond Belief. More … [Read more...]

Rock Beyond Belief in Fall 2011…? Maybe.

Stringing along quite a few popular and busy people for 5 months, dangling a unique opportunity in front of them, was certainly never my intention.It was unfortunate and disheartening that the last minute restrictions crippled us and we had to cancel. My initial reaction was to entertain the idea of a smaller venue being overflowing with angry atheists, as offered. Then I thought about how accepting that offer would legitimize our unequal treatment. I also thought about the angry atheists that … [Read more...]

Foxhole Atheist Organizer on Talk Radio Taking the Heat

Raleigh, North Carolina's 680 AM, (WPTF) Talk Radio and news station invited me on the air yesterday for what was supposed to be a six minute segment. Due to popular demand, it turned into an entire hour.The switchboards were going crazy and I was fielding phone calls from, let's be honest here, not a very sympathetic crowd. The back and forth was respectful, but I was surprised at many of the things I was hearing. This was my first time going out into not-so-friendly territory, though the … [Read more...]

Demand equal treatment for the Army’s non-religious Soldiers

After last week's hey-maker from Fort Bragg, we were devastated. It was shocking to learn that our festival had been crippled with last-minute restrictions that forced us to shut down.Now it's time to fight back.Please help us stand up to the discrimination facing the non-religious military community. That was the whole point of our festival, and Fort Bragg just took a giant step backwards by reinforcing existing prejudices. They legitimized the proselytizing efforts of the Evangelical … [Read more...]

Fort Bragg supports any group, as long as they’re Evangelical Christians

Last week, the Garrison Commander at Fort Bragg placed crippling last-minute restrictions on our event, effectively forcing us to shut down.These restrictions are clearly breaking their promise to provide an equal level of support to the controversial evangelical Christian membership drive known as Rock the Fort. This promise has been repeated to me at every step of the 5+ months of planning, and even publicly repeated by the Garrison Commander's own legal staff (17 February 2011).Why did th … [Read more...]

“But Maybe You Don’t Embrace Capitalism Like I Do” ?

I get comments.Yesterday, I got what seems to be a drive-by comment from a person who really just doesn't get it.I've seen much worse, and more offensive language, and harsher tones. I don't know why this particular one jumped out at me. Perhaps it was the dismissive hand-waiving, or the arguments from ignorance. Whatever the case,  I think her position represents the attitude of a great many people who are unfamiliar with the story so far.Below is my response, with her comment embedded … [Read more...]