Roy Zimmerman, Sarah Silverman, Russell Brand stand united

Roy Zimmerman, folk rocker, god blocker and RBB1 performer, wrote to me with an important heads up!Hey Justin --I'm sure you know about Rev. Barry Lynn's group Americans for the Separation of Church and State. This weekend, Americans for... is sponsoring a bunch of concerts nationwide by a vast array of artists including, as you might have guess, me. Also Russell Brand, Sarah Silverman and folkies Catie Curtis, John McCutcheon, Laura Love and many many more.Here's the site for … [Read more...]

Roy Zimmerman brings Less Talk, More Rock (Beyond Belief)

Hilarious singer/songwriter,┬áRoy Zimmerman is one of the most popular atheist musicians around. We're proud to finalize the musical lineup with Roy joining us at Rock Beyond Belief, on Fort Bragg.Zimmerman has played clubs across the country, and shared the stage with George Carlin, Bill Maher, Kate Clinton, Dennis Miller, Sandra Tsing Loh, kd lang, Andy Borowitz and Paul Krassner. He's done several shows with The Pixies' Frank Black, swapping songs in a solo acoustic setting. His … [Read more...]