Satanic Christmas lights along TN highway are actually kind of funny

Satan lives in Carter County, TN. Or at least that's what people might think when driving by Jackie Blevins home.His home is decked out in satanic themed Christmas lights. The lights read: "The Devil's Inn is closed until Judgement Day", and "Satan Satan Hear My Plea, Satan Satan Come To Me"It seems to be a protest, not really a religious thing.Jackie Blevins built the display over a week ago. "[I] put this sign up here on the building because of what has happened right here," … [Read more...]

Televangelist speaks of attack by 80 foot demons, satanic baby farms

Notice how nobody else in the room seems to care... I mean it's either true and "OH NO!" or she's lying and "Lying is a sin, stfu!"But you decide: can't believe that the lady in the middle acts like that. She just heard about 80 foot demons attacking her friend.First question: "I'm trying to relate 80 feet... well houses are like 40 feet... so it's like two houses... okay go on, honey- it's like two houses, we're listening-" … [Read more...]

Command’s “Strategies of Satan: How to detect, defeat him” sent to everyone

I get Email... and on this day, so did every other person on the entire post.And it didn't even come from a Chaplain's e-mail address, rather the command itself. Which wouldn't necessarily be a problem if it weren't so overwhelmingly one-sided. This is the same post that denied me the opportunity to distribute Atheist cupcakes or host an Ask An Atheist Night event.A bit of good news came of this though. I sent a letter replying to the command group about the inappropriate nature of en … [Read more...]