Mary had a little lamb… of god… that belongs in schools – FIXED

By now you've likely seen the divisive "Mary had a little lamb... of god... that belongs in the schools" variant on Facebook.Mary had a little lamb,His fleece was as white as snow.And everywhere that Mary went,The Lamb was sure to go.He followed her to school each day,‘Twasn’t even in the rule.He made the children laugh and play,To have a Lamb at school.And then the rules all changed one day,Illegal it became;To bring the Lamb of God to school,Or even speak His Nam … [Read more...]

GTFO my facebook, ‘god not allowed in schools’ t-shirt

Yesterday, I released the 'fixed' version of that horrible t-shirt. You might have seen one or the other. I was shocked to see that the original photo had been shared on facebook 300,000 times. Unfortunately, it has more than doubled.It's a start, anyway. I hope people seeing the 'fixed' image are actively posting it as a response to the original nastiness wherever it crops up. On a large enough scale, this strategy could influence the real world norms of acceptable discourse.The … [Read more...]

Bastrop School Knowingly Breaks Laws and Promises About Prayer

Yesterday, we brought you Damon Fowler's struggle to stop the school's prayer at his graduation. He threatened to go to the ACLU, so they actually backed down. Then staff members at this school started saying extremely upsetting things about him in the town's newspapers. They were mad that a person dared to call them out on decades old constitutionally settled law.Several of us passed along his request for people to write to the school, and I added a link to the newspaper in Bastrop. You guys … [Read more...]

Courageous High School Atheist Needs 5 Minutes Of Your Time

Rock Beyond Belief has a busy weekend planned (with that exciting 24 hour telethon that you are going to watch). However, I really want to shift gears for a second.This is from reddit: My graduation from high school is this Friday. I live in the Bible Belt of the United States. The school was going to perform a prayer at graduation, but due to me sending the superintendent an email stating it was against Louisiana state law and that I would be forced to contact the ACLU if they ignored me, … [Read more...]