New product for toddlers who are caught brown-handed (NSFL)

Potty training disasters are inevitable. A company called "Heaven's Lil Blessings Boutique" has developed a product promises to exacerbate the problem. If you like kids with shitty fingers, this is for you!"Great for little hands that can't quit figure out how to keep their hands clean / covered when wiping."I know it's bad form to nitpick grammar in casual internet posts, and this is a very small DIY business run entirely on facebook. This is the rare double-fail, so I couldn't resist a … [Read more...]

Elevator music-gate

I haven't written about the so-called elevator-gate situation, and probably never will.I feel that all the important things that could be said, have been said (in a sea of shit that probably shouldn't have been said). I grew bored of the discussion early on - despite the fact that I'm a feminist and 'picked a side'. It's not that it's unimportant, it's just not my fight/struggle. However, I was disappointed to see such a line in the sand drawn.Anyway, I still read PZ and Jen (of course), … [Read more...]