We Just Received a $50,000 Donation From the Stiefel Freethought Foundation

AMAZING!The Stiefel Freethought Foundation has just increased their pledge to Rock Beyond Belief to $50,000. This is enough money to allow the nonreligious military community to fully fund the event on the parade field at Fort Bragg this Fall. All we need now is co-sponsorship from Fort Bragg (which they promised and even sort of delivered before).This removes one of the last possible pseudo-arguments held over our heads. They denied us any funding at all on our first attempt, saying that we … [Read more...]

24 Hour Rapture Telethon on May 21st – Save the Date!

Attention: May 21st, 2011 is the Last chance to dance! (Ever.)The world is ending, and the rapture is going to be screwing up your Christmas. Didn't you hear?Luckily, we at Rock Beyond Belief have an early present for you. Deborah at God Discussion, will be hosting a star studded interactive 24 hour telethon. The funds being raised are going to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation's defense of Rock Beyond Belief in any upcoming litigation. Any leftover funds will certainly be put to … [Read more...]

Al Stefanelli Joins the lineup

Fort Bragg has signaled that they are all but finalized with their approval of our event. We are eager to stop stringing along so many great guests for a pretty cool opportunity to speak on a military base. The extensive process of being approved necessitated this situation, and now that we seem to have locked in a date, we have lost two of our guests due to scheduling conflicts: Eugenie Scott, and MelodySheep. We sincerely thank each of them for lending us their names and supporting the … [Read more...]

Update Beyond Belief

This week will bring big news that will keep our all-volunteer staff busy for a while. It has been ¬†nearly 5 months of learn-as-you-go grass roots activism that has paid off in spades. When we first approached several entities on Fort Bragg, we were how shall I say this? 'Politely laughed away'. Now, when I walk into an office, I'm asked why I didn't start planning this earlier! To which, I point out, "I had trouble getting by that guy at the front desk over there, the one who was politely … [Read more...]

Army’s Spiritual Misfits must complete Spiritual Fitness training

The screen capture above is dated 13 February 2011.Compare to last month's quote from the people behind this test: [The upper leadership behind the Soldier Fitness Tracker] says the training module only offers ideas for developing one's spiritual side. It is not mandatory and has no effect on one's career. - 13 January 2011. [Source: NPR] Keep in mind, even if this training was optional (which it decidedly does not appear to be), the offensive test itself is not. After you complete the test, … [Read more...]

US Army’s Virtual Spiritual Fitness Center Opens, Says Atheism = Faith

Perhaps due to the recent public pressure the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness department of the Army has been facing, they have opened a Virtual Spiritual Fitness Center. You should remember that their controversial Soldier Fitness Tracker is mandatory for all Soldiers, and was not available to the public.The new Virtual Spiritual Fitness Center is very much available to the public. (*** UPDATE: If the link is not working for you, here is a snapshot from google cache ***)According to the … [Read more...]

Humanist Hour interview with ‘foxhole atheist’ Justin Griffith

The American Humanist Association's monthly podcast, the Humanist Hour, interviewed me about Rock Beyond Belief, Spiritual Fitness, and the Soldier Fitness Tracker. Jes Constantine has been running the show for many years, and is now joined by Todd Stiefel, of the Stiefel Freethought Foundation as co-host. We had a great time, and the masterful editing by Jes greatly enhanced the flow. Music from our artists are intertwined effortlessly while somehow remaining contextually relevant to the … [Read more...]

Army Spiritual Fitness Concert Cost: $100K+ FOIA Docs Released

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) initiated a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request when the controversial Rock the Fort concert came to Fort Bragg, NC. ¬†FOIA requests understandably take some time to process. However, we are excited to finally get an inside look at exactly how much support the Billy Graham Evangelical Association was given in order to evangelize as many soldiers, spouses, and civilians from the local area on stage. That was their stated purpose, and of course that … [Read more...]