Spiritual Fitness “not meant to endorse religion” VS Army’s own videos

These videos may just disappear soon. Grab them while they're hot! They're from the Army's public facing media outreach website.Remember, whenever lawyers and reporters are around, the term 'spiritual fitness' has nothing to do with religion. It's about 'team spirit' and 'human spirit'. So it's not illegal when mandatory...CH (MAJ) Choi - Sunday Stryker Brigadewww.dvidshub.net/video/embed/122546"There's a limit to how much physical ability can sustain a soldier. There's a limit on … [Read more...]

Air Force offers classes in psychic skills, homeopathy, angel healing

The Air Force has just announced its support of what has to be a diploma mill.I'm all for the DoD spending money on useful education opportunities for service members. I'm glad that there is serious talk of an incentive to hire veterans. But this is just one more thing that should really be stopped when so many items are on the chopping block.This one gets weird though. If you follow the links back to the admittedly¬†unaccredited¬†institution... they aren't even trying. The spirituality s … [Read more...]