Growing a set of principles

For some reason, Lousy Canuck defends lies about me while he talks about*  a man who was kicked off this blogging network for the exact type of harassment that we all rail against.He argues that we're all living in different parallel universes. I think he's right.*(holiday edit)And then there’s when Greg Laden says he wants to kick Justin Griffith’s ass for defending the serial harassers, and that’s a breach of protocol worthy of condemnation and drumming out of the movement and exorcism an … [Read more...]

Catholic student vows to hunt me down

Being a highly visible atheist in the military, I get a steady trickle of threats of violence, and absurd walls of text. It goes with the territory.I was just cleaning out the spam trap when I found this gem.I will hunt you down. - Terry Wrist IP: 180.95.XX.XXObviously I censored the IP. It resolves to a Melbourne Based Catholic school. This one. We tipped off the internet cops, and they have provided a sketch of the suspects.Terry Wrist, is most definitely on the in … [Read more...]