Too damn slow!

Yeah...I ran a combat fitness test today. I missed a perfect score by 4 seconds on my run time. I was a little upset. I didn't think you could accomplish much in 4 seconds and then I found this video that can tell you the Twilight story in 4 My wife is a Twilight fan. She wasn't too amused so I defaulted to this video that explains the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in 4 … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson’s sheet music sets him up for failure

Clearly he's been using this for his ministry's needs lately. Perhaps even just before launching into this 'brilliant' anecdote about how time[Saw that image floating around on Facebook. Couldn't resist.] … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson Versus Doctor Who: “How time works”

A 900 year old alien says crazy things about time. I'm referring to Pat Robertson, obviously. dare Pat Robertson to make less sense.He's babbling aimlessly about a topic he clearly doesn't understand. He's an inexplicably powerful man in the United States. Everything he says is some combination of shocking and stupid.You guys are usually brutally honest. I just made this video, what do you guys think? … [Read more...]