“Unseen IMPERISHABLE bodies in aura”

The email I just received from Don Smalter just changed the way I think about things. Things like, should I listen to Don Smalter about anything? Will I become dumber if I read this whole email? I just stubbed my toe, so maybe reading just a few paragraphs already made me dumber. Motherfucker!It starts out like this:Electro-magnetic imprint of DNA goes with you in the death transition? Multi-life history/experience/deeds and “form holding” pattern in Junk DNA ? Reincarnation likely?  Scie … [Read more...]

Strange Jesus ‘manga comics’ distributed to the troops

This one is a bit of a head-scratcher.There is a Christian themed Japanese 'manga' (comic book) now frequently offered up to soldiers.Yeah. Luckily the David Silverman 'WTF Guy' meme was ready to go. I have 'no idea' where all the extra copies might have come from... How did this thing not sell out!?!?!Look, they totally nailed itThat's a scene from The Messiah from NextManga. This 54 page full-color 'authentic Japanese' manga does a decent job as far as the artwork is … [Read more...]