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Arminianism is God-centered theology

Below is a rather lengthy essay I have written.  I welcome you to pass it around.  It is not copyrighted, but please keep my name and blog address attached to it when you send or post it.Arminianism is God-centered TheologyRoger E.            One of the most common criticisms aimed at Arminianism by its opponents is that it is “man-centered theology.”  (I will occasionally use the gender-exclusive phrase because it is used so often by Arminianism’s critics.  It me … [Read more...]

A good example of what I was talking about…

Earlier I posted a message here about what I see as a watershed among evangelicals.  Some, to all appearances, have faith in the Bible even over Jesus Christ.  They are determined to believe whatever they think the Bible says because their highest loyalty (unconsciously in most cases) is to it.  In other words, IF some hitherto undiscovered verse declared that God hates everyone without exception or qualification (i.e., not just their sins) they would believe it just because one verse seems un … [Read more...]

Can a person be both Catholic and evangelical?

In a syndicated New York Times article Mark Oppenheimer reports on questions of religious identity raised by, among others, Florida's senator-elect Mario Rubio.  Apparently he attends both Roman Catholic masses (his heritage) and services at an evangelical (Southern Baptist) megachurch.  The majority of his Hispanic constituents find nothing wrong with this.The article concludes this way: "It may never be clear whether Rubio is more Catholic or Protestant.  The question itself reduces a com … [Read more...]

God's sovereignty in the crucifixion of Jesus

One critic here (so far) has argued against my maxim that "God is in charge but not in control" by pointing to Acts 2:23 which says that Jesus was "delivered up according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God." (RSV)  The critic argues that this verse proves that God controlled the crucifixion of Jesus such that, although wicked men did it, God is its ultimate cause.  I take it what the gentleman means is that God foreordained and rendered it certain.  This is supposed to be a test case t … [Read more...]

Being a man is okay (if its the best you can do).

Occasionally I will stray away from obviously theological topics into something else that concerns me.  One of my pet peeves (actually a little stronger than that) is our society's tendency to lurch to extremes in reaction to things.Just one example of many that I could mention: the fact that teachers in public schools are generally forbidden to hug children.  Just because some adults have abused their power and have sexually abused children our society now denies children the extremely i … [Read more...]

November 22, 1963

"Do you remember where you were when you heard John Kennedy was assassinated?"  I used to hear that question often; not so much anymore.  We who remember are getting old!  Most of our children and students barely know who Kennedy was.But we who were alive and conscious that day, 47 years ago remember it well.  But what few remember is that two other well-known people died the same day.  Their deaths were over shadowed by Kennedy's.  C. S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley also died on November 22, 1963. … [Read more...]

Reclaiming Pietism Part 5 (Final)

So what do I mean by "reclaiming Pietism?"  To "reclaim" something is to take it back.  In this case I aim to take Pietism back from those who unfairly criticize it.  Like every movement, Pietism has had its faults.  But whether one is talking about the original movement in Europe primarily among Lutherans (Spener, Francke, Zinzendorf, et al.) or the later, wider movement influenced by them Pietism does not deserve the its bad reputation.I still read and hear people who should know better (vi … [Read more...]