The Worst Idea Ever

The Worst Idea EverLong-time readers of this blog may already guess what I will say is the “worst idea ever.” Or, at least they won’t be surprised when they read it here. However, I need to remind myself once in a while that many of this blog’s readers are new and convince myself it’s okay to repeat earlier arguments.Scholars of intellectual history love to play this game—viz., about turning points in the history of ideas that may have birthed perhaps unintended consequences. In other … [Read more...]

Should Churches Engage in Partisan Politicking?

Should Churches Engage in Partisan Politicking?According to news reports, United States President Donald Trump has rewarded some of his religious supporters by signing an executive order ordering the U.S. Treasury Department, which includes the Internal Revenue Service, not to prosecute or otherwise punish religious organizations or their leaders for endorsing or opposing candidates for public office. In other words, according to the news reports I have read, he is nullifying the … [Read more...]

Why Do We Not Hear More about “Rich Privilege?”

Why Do We Not Hear More about “Rich Privilege?”Over the past several years I have heard and read many references to “white privilege” and “male privilege.” These seem to be the only types of “privilege” socially progressive people talk about and disparage. Although I sometimes think these phrases are over used, I don’t disagree that our American society still struggles to level the playing field of privilege by abolishing unearned privilege. Being white and being male should not give one … [Read more...]

Can Science Alone Decide the Meaning of “Human?”

Can Science Alone Decide the Meaning of “Human?” Recently here (and elsewhere) a question has arisen and I would like to at least take a “stab” at answering it: Can science alone decide what it means to be “human?” The question could be asked in several different ways and adding some of them here will help “pin down” the issue at stake: Can science (as understood by most people in the modern, Western world) distinguish between “human” being and “non-human” being? and Does it lie … [Read more...]

Complimentary Book Offer…

Complimentary Book Offer...As many of you know already, my most recent book is The Essentials of Christian Thought: Seeing Reality through the Biblical Story. My original title for the project was "Narrative Biblical Metaphysics," but, of course, the publisher (Zondervan), knew better and gave it the more attractive title. The book is available on Amazon and from the publisher and through all retail book outlets.The purpose of the book is to inform not-yet-fully-informed Christians (and … [Read more...]

Memories of 1950s/1960s American Evangelical Culture

Memories of 1950s/1960s America Evangelical CultureSo, for those of you at all interested, here is a "key" to at least some of the items I mentioned in my previous post asking what you were in the 1950s/1960s if you remember them (or even some of them):Back Yard Clubs were sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) and volunteers (mostly evangelical Christian pastors' wives) hosted them in their back yards during the summer. Cookies and Kool Aid and games (and summer boredom) drew … [Read more...]

What It Means If You Remember…

What It Means If You Remember….What were you in the 1950s/1960s if you remember:1) Backyard Clubs2) Singspirations (“Stop and let me tell you…”)3) The Four Spiritual Laws4) The Sugar Creek Gang5) Flannel Graphs6) Chalk Talks7) “Tips for Teens”8) The Palermo Brothers9) Campus Life Clubs10) “Sword Drills”11) Promise Boxes12) Hoping the rapture won’t happen until…13) “Banquet” in place of “Prom”14) Thurlow Spurr and the Spurrlows15) … [Read more...]