“Living Theology: Knowing and Following Our Resurrected Lord” (Spiritual Warfare)

“Living Theology: Knowing and Following Our Resurrected Lord” This is a talk I gave at the recent MissioAlliance Gathering in Alexandria, Virginia. The forum topic was “Living Theology: Knowing and Following Our Resurrected Lord.” (The theme of the Gathering this year was “Resurrection Life.”) I was one member of a panel; each member gave his or her own talk on the topic. I was the first to speak; two panel members used some of their time to disagree with my talk. After the “talk” (e … [Read more...]

Is God Also Our Mother?

Is God Also Our Mother?This debate over appropriate language for God has been going on for at least half a century now. Some Christians struggle with calling God “Father” for three reasons. First, some say addressing God as Father reinforces patriarchy—the idea that males have the right to rule over and dominate females (and males with less status and power). (Yes, I know, some have expanded the term “patriarchy” to include all forms of social hierarchy.) Second, some say they and others have … [Read more...]

Pentecostal Pacifism: A Lost (and Denied) Tradition

Pentecostal Pacifism: A Lost (and Denied) TraditionRecently here I blogged about the supernatural and how, in my opinion, many evangelicals have neglected, if not denied, it due to a general search for respectability. Nowhere is this evangelical search for respectability more evident to me than among Pentecostals. All Pentecostal Christians pay lip service to miracles, but how many actually believe in and pray for miracles? Many do, but I would guess their number is fewer than fifty years … [Read more...]

Boys and Men Suffer Sex Abuse, Too….

Boys and Men Suffer Sex Abuse, Too, But It Is Under Reported and Widely IgnoredMy thesis here is that many more American males are victims of sexual abuse than most people know or care about.How many people would guess that, according to a recent study, twenty percent of reported incidents of sexual abuse in the active duty military involve male victims? The report admits that counting the number of male victims is a problem because many male victims of sexual abuse either remain quiet … [Read more...]

Is There (Can There Be) A “Christian Philosophy?”

Is There (Can There Be) A “Christian Philosophy?”Many Protestants, especially those influenced by Kant’s anti-metaphysical philosophy that put religion in the realm of “practical reason” and those influenced by dialectical (anti-natural theology) theology, resist all talk of a “Christian philosophy.” (This is to say nothing of many “experiential Christians” who think “philosophy” is just a bad idea in and of itself.) For a variety of reasons and influences, modern Protestants have been reluct … [Read more...]

Embarrased by the Supernatural?

Embarrassed by the Supernatural?Some years ago Stanley Hauerwas and William Willimon published an article in Christian Century that some believe launched the “postliberal” movement in Christian theology. The article’s title was “Embarrassed by God’s Presence.” (CC January 30, 1985) Hauerwas and Willimon accused “mainline” Protestant churches and theologies of conducting business as if God does not exist. This was, of course, hyperbole and intended to get attention, but the grain of truth in i … [Read more...]

Thoughts about Old School Christian Hymns and Songs

I don't usually use this blog to reminisce or talk about my personal experiences or memories, but for some reason I feel led to do that today. "I feel led to..." comes from my Pentecostal background. I was raised in what we called "the Full Gospel" from birth until seminary. I reluctantly resigned from my spiritual "home" almost immediately after graduating from seminary at age 26. I felt spiritually adrift for a long time. Occasionally I experience what the Germans call Sehnsucht--a vague … [Read more...]