The “Deeply Flawed Father” Meme (And Why We Need to Counter It)

The “Deeply Flawed” Father Meme (And Why We Need to Counter It)Richard Dawkins introduced the term and concept of “meme” in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene. A “meme” is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. Anyone who pays close attention to popular culture can easily see certain memes there. They are not necessarily tied to any reality, but they create a perception of reality by repetition.One meme all too prevalent in popular culture in the last … [Read more...]

Who Decides Who’s A Christian?

This is not a continuation of the Mormonism discussion just closed--at least not directly. It's a "spin off" from that discussion which raised the question "Who decides who's a Christian?" I have discussed that here before, but not recently enough (apparently).Let me set forth a few basic theses for consideration and discussion:1) While everyone should have the freedom to call himself or herself (or his or her church) "Christian" it simply cannot be the case that every claim to be … [Read more...]

Repeat: The Mormonism Discussion Was Closed Yesterday (June 17)

Please note that I closed the discussion of Mormonism yesterday. The response to my and Robert Millett's essays were so voluminous and lengthy that I simply do not have time to moderate that discussion anymore. I think virtually everything that can be said was said by someone. If you are interested in the subject, read the books I recommended in my initial post about Mormonism and Christianity. If you attempt to comment here about Mormonism you will be wasting your time. I will not approve such … [Read more...]

Shallow Religious Fads and Fashions

Shallow Religious Fads and FashionsLooking back over my life among American evangelical Christians I am conscious of a pattern among us. We tend to form “tribes” identifiable by clothes, hair, mannerisms, even glasses. I count myself a fairly keen observer of this pattern and I alternate between laughing and crying over it.The other evening my wife and I were watching one of our favorite television programs called “House Hunters International” (on the HGTV channel). I like to watch it to … [Read more...]

Robert (Bob) Millett Gets the Final Word (for Now)…

Below is a message I received from Bob Millett about my blog posts about Mormonism and Christianity. I will let him have the final word in this discussion (for now). Please do not post a comment in response to this or my recent posts about Mormonism. This blog needs to move on to other subjects. Consider the discussion closed (for now) with this response by Millett.  Dear Roger:A few days ago one of my colleagues forwarded to me your article on Mormonism. I appreciated … [Read more...]

What I Learned from the Responses to My Post about Mormonism

What I Learned from the Responses to my Post about MormonismThere were almost 200 responses to my blog post titled “Is Mormonism Christian?” I approved about half of them. Many were simply off topic, uncivil or too long for posting here. This blog is for civil, respectful, constructive dialogue, not preaching, flaming or advocacy.Many of the comments were by people claiming to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I usually gave them the benefit of the doubt. In a … [Read more...]

A Plea for Patience

Due to the overwhelming number of responses to my posts about Mormonism I am having to moderate the discussion in several sessions over two days. Please be patient while I work through the comments and respond to some of them.  Today (Sunday, June 14) is a very busy day for me and I will not be able to finish moderation until tomorrow or Tuesday.In the meantime, please be aware of and follow these guidelines:Please do not post more than one response/comment per day;Please do not … [Read more...]