Memories and Thoughts about Thomas Oden

Memories and Thoughts about Thomas OdenMethodist theologian Thomas Oden, who died this past December (2016) was by all accounts one of the few Protestant theologians who journeyed from theological liberalism to theological conservatism. Many have gone the other direction. Oden taught for many years at Methodist-related Drew University in New Jersey. By his own account, published in several articles and books, he became disillusioned with theological liberalism and pluralism and converted … [Read more...]

Response to “the Benedict Option”

Response to “the Benedict Option”In the title of this blog essay I put “the Benedict option” in quotation marks rather than italics because here I am not responding to the book by Rod Dreher but to the idea at the heart of the book as expressed in a Christianity Today article entitled “The Idea of a Christian Village.” (Christianity Today, March, 2017, pp. 34-41) The article is by author Rod Dreher and is about his proposal; the subtitle of the article indicates that it is an excerpt from … [Read more...]

Review of and Response to the Documentary Film “The Mask You Live In”

Review of and Response to the Documentary Film “The Mask You Live In”Long-time readers of this blog will know that one of my concerns, often expressed here, is the plight of boys and men in America. That is also the concern of the documentary film “The Mask You Live In” which was produced by a feminist film maker who also produced the documentary “Miss Representation” (about the many misrepresentations of women in popular culture).If you have not watched both or one of these excellent … [Read more...]

Some Random Memories and Thoughts about “Memorial Day” in the United States

Some Random Memories and Thoughts about Memorial Day in the United StatesI know the history of it, but in many parts of the US its original intention has been largely forgotten. It was originally a holiday to remember those Americans who died in war or who fought in war and died later (deceased veterans). Where I grew up and lived most of my early life it was also known as "Decoration Day." It was a day to visit cemeteries and decorate graves of deceased loved ones. There and then the … [Read more...]

And Meanwhile…Something to See about Which I Will Eventually Blog

Eventually, when I am able to, I will review here the documentary "The Mask You Live In." I am watching it on Amazon; I'm not sure whether it is available elsewhere. Google for it or check Youtube.As many of you know, I believe one of the biggest social problems America faces is distorted masculinity ("machismo") which many sociologists and psychologists believe begins with bad parenting, bad coaching, bad peer pressure and the "boy code" that kicks in around early adolescence.I have … [Read more...]

A Personal Note for Those Who Are Interested…

Dear Blog Friends (and Others):There are times throughout the year when, for a period of time, my schedule changes dramatically and I am simply not able to keep up with my blog. I apologize if that causes anyone any distress or consternation.This is one of those times.But I do still usually find moments when I can glance at comments and respond. Usually, during these times, I cannot respond with as much depth or detail as I normally try to.During these times I try to adjust my … [Read more...]

Is There Meaning and Purpose to Life?

Is There Meaning and Purpose to Life?Recently, while watching television, I saw a commercial for the program “Through the Wormhole” hosted and narrated by actor Morgan Freeman. Although Freeman has played God in one movie, he is neither a philosopher nor a theologian. Although he hosts and narrates a television program about science aired on the Science channel he is not a scientist. He is an actor.During the commercial for “Through the Wormhole” Freeman muses about the perennial sear … [Read more...]