Why Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Is More Pro-American than His Critics’

Why Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Is More Pro-American than His Critics’The great thing about America is…that here people have the right to protest things going on in America by not standing during the national anthem and by not saluting the American flag.To be sure, Americans also have the right to criticize such persons and their protests, but condemning them as “traitors” is un-American. In fact, it smacks of totalitarianism.When an American sings the national anthem or salutes the Am … [Read more...]

Why Are We So Afraid of Emotion in Worship?

Why Are We So Afraid of Emotion in Worship?Who’s “we?” Well, of course, I mean we white American evangelicals and especially Baptists/baptists. (For those not “in the know,” “baptist” refers to Baptists  and all who don’t call themselves “Baptists” but hold basic Baptist conviction.)The other day I was worshiping with some fellow American evangelical Christians, mostly baptists, and the worship leader had us sing a particularly moving modern hymn about the cross and the atonement. I was s … [Read more...]

Evangelical Christian Thoughts about “Mindfulness”

Evangelical Christian Thoughts about “Mindfulness”Recently I had the privilege of reading a fine doctoral dissertation by a brilliant young Christian social worker and counselor about “Mindfulness.” I had already seen and heard the term but was not fully aware of what it meant. Her dissertation argued, very cogently, that, even though contemporary Mindfulness is often rooted in Buddhism, Christians can use it helpfully and that there are historical Christian precedents for it in especially Ch … [Read more...]

Why I Am Not a Fan of Contemporary American Sports

Why I Am Not a Fan of Contemporary American SportsIn spite of my good intentions and promises to myself I just cannot seem to avoid expressing controversial opinions here. That has sometimes resulted in inter-personal controversies I regret. I hope what I say here can be taken as my “musings” and not as any criticism of or attack on persons—except those who I believe exploit athletes and athletics for personal gain whether that be monetary or entertainment.I will start out with a discl … [Read more...]

Is There a “Christian Ideology?”

Is There a “Christian Ideology?”Recently I read an editorial that referred to a Christian university’s “Christian ideology.” This editorial was written by a very intelligent journalist. (Like all editorials it was unsigned, but I happen to know who wrote it.) To me, anyway, “Christian ideology” is an oxymoron. If something is true Christianity it cannot be ideological; if something is a true ideology it cannot be authentically Christian.So, before someone jumps in to protest, let me ackno … [Read more...]

One of American Evangelicalism’s Biggest Failures…

One of American Evangelicalism’s Biggest Failures: Lack of Literary Fiction about ItselfWhen I write a blog post I have to assume readers know something about “where I’m coming from.” I can’t stop and spent hundreds of words explaining my background, my mental, spiritual and emotional context. On the other hand I am excruciatingly aware that not knowing that (which is often the case with newcomers to my blog) sets up a likelihood of misunderstanding. So, for those who don’t already know, I am … [Read more...]

An Evangelical Response to David Gushee’s RNS Essay “On LGBT Equality”

An Evangelical Response to David Gushee’s RNS Essay “On LGBT Equality”In his August 22, 2016 Religion News Service essay “on LGBT equality, middle ground is disappearing,” evangelical ethicist David Gushee rightly announces that “middle ground” on the issue of LGBT equality is quickly disappearing. Americans, including Christians, are increasingly polarized over it. That’s more or less acknowledged by most people. I have tried to explore and recommend some middle ground myself, here, on my bl … [Read more...]