Why Are We (in the U.S.A.) Headed toward a Police State?

Why Are We (In the U.S.A.) Headed toward a Police State? Some time ago here I suggested that the U.S., a society that promotes itself as the “land of the free,” is headed gradually but discernably toward becoming a police state. All one has to do to discern the validity of this concern is pay attention to the news. Some police, prosecutors and judges, to say nothing of federal agencies, seem able to act outside the spirit of the law, if not the letter of the law, with impunity. This … [Read more...]

What Is the “Image of God” in the Human? A Place for Christians to Begin Thinking about the “Transhuman”

What Is the “Image of God” in the Human? A Place for Christians to Begin Thinking about the “Transhuman”In my most recent post here I raised ethical questions about the idea of “transhumanity” or “posthumanity”—technology being used to transcend normal humanity into “humanity plus.” So far as I can tell there are no examples of this yet; only ideas that seem possible to some people given the tremendous technological enhancements created and offered to persons with physical disabilities and di … [Read more...]

“Transhumanism” and Ethics: An Invitation to Discussion of a Cultural “Cutting Edge”

“Transhumanism” and Ethics: An Invitation to Discussion of a Cultural “Cutting Edge”Increasingly one reads about “transhumanism”—a broad and diverse movement to promote the fundamental transformation of humanity individually or collectively through technology. Transhumanism is not merely the promotion of human physical and mental enhancement but transformation. In other words, via technology, it is hoped, the human will evolve into a new life form with abilities not afforded by biology or cur … [Read more...]

Creating a Course for FaithLife

All last week (March 9-13, 2015) I was in Bellingham, Washington video taping two courses on historical theology for the MobileEd division of FaithLife--the new name of Logos Software. I'm not sure when the courses will be available for purchase, but eventually anyone will be able to watch them and interact with the lectures via links embedded in the texts (for a fee, of course).The FaithLife folks were extremely hospitable to me and I thank them for all their help throughout the week I was … [Read more...]

Dr. Seuss Was Right

Somewhere Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel) wrote that "Your job is not to fit in but to standout." One could debate the veracity and usefulness (or not) of that statement all day. I'd say it's wrong and unhelpful insofar as it is taken as a motto for extreme individualism. However, if it means a person should not regard herself as merely part of the "crowd" but seek to excel it's true. So much depends on how it's interpreted. I don't know how Seuss meant it.But I am sure it is right as an … [Read more...]

What Is the Old Testament Good For–Doctrinally?

I was recently asked by a student whether there are any important Christian doctrines, beliefs all Christians should embrace and confess, that can be found and supported ONLY in and by the Old Testament.He was not asking about nuggets of spiritual wisdom, inspiring verses, historical events, etc. He was asking me whether there are doctrines to be believed and confessed by all Christians that cannot be found only in and supported by the New Testament but that we must establish from the Old … [Read more...]

Can “Authentic Christianity” Be Found Today?

Can “Authentic Christianity” Be Found Today?Like many Christians I grew up in a church that was committed to restoring the “New Testament church”—as it was in the first century. This impulse is called “restorationism.” (I only capitalize that term when referring to a particular tradition known to scholars as “Restorationism” whose main contemporary offshoots are the Churches of Christ, Independent Christian Churches, and the Disciples of Christ. Except, of course, when the term is first in a … [Read more...]