Pentecost was yesterday. My favorite Christian holy day. While it’s not the shiniest, or the loudest, or even the most significant (some would say) theologically, it’s still my favorite. Pentecost has great elements: fire, heat, light, freedom, wind, caring, and preaching. But best of all, Pentecost has the Holy Spirit.   [Read more…]

The Power of Ritual -or- You’re Doing That Wrong

I’ve participated in a bunch of rituals. From creating them, to fixing them, to just letting someone else create them, and rituals have an amazing amount of power. Unless you do them wrong. I can think of a lot of ways they were done wrong. At a local Transgender Day of Remembrance service I attended, [Read More…]

Preaching on the Narrative Lectionary, First Sunday

I’ve been preaching the Revised Common Lectionary since my first church job in 2001. And while I love it, I also find myself reverting to the same themes, the same comfortable texts, and the same stories time and time again. It has become such a rhythm that I find myself thinking the right theme before [Read More…]

Safe Space

One of the first steps of healing trauma seems to be telling your story. One of the essentials for telling your story is creating a safe space. How do you create a safe space? For me, it seems like safe spaces just happen. I know that it’s an illusion that they just happen, but it [Read More…]

“I work in a church, and we have sex workers”

This morning in the Global Village of the 2012 International AIDS Conference, a gentleman from Malawi approached our desk with some trepidation. “Is there a contact list where I can sign up?” he asked. A volunteer said, “I don’t think so, but if you’ll leave your information, I’ll make sure that you get on a [Read More…]

Why I Am a Baptist

If you know me, you know that I pastor a Mennonite church. They are really an amazing congregation. I’m not just saying that, either! They believe in women’s leadership, they are welcoming and affirming, and have a really strong commitment to peace. It’s not final yet, but we have a tagline at my church. It’s [Read More…]


I am a Mennonite pastor. What comes to mind? Well, if you know any Mennonites, you might think of plain clothes, conservative theology with a peace and justice bent, horse and buggies, and wimples, those little white lace hats that many Mennonite women wear. That’s if you even considered that I might be female. Let [Read More…]