Needs Assessment: Beginning

In my forthcoming book, I examine the first step of building a ministry for sex workers. A needs assessment. You’re basically trying to answer the question: “Does my town (city, state, nation) need a ministry for sex workers?” And why would you ask this question? First, because there is no sense in re-creating the wheel. [Read More…]

Constrained By Your Own Parameters

Betsy Carter writes: It’s easy to feel constrained by your own parameters. You look at your parents and the house in which you grew up and think, that’s it: These are the things that define my life, why bother to try and break out of them. As I look at my life, today, I’m identifying [Read More…]

Having It All or Having Enough?

There’s lots of questions in the blogosphere about whether or not women can have it all. Of course, by “all” we mean, can we work and have families? And do both as well as we can do them? In Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article in The Atlantic she says: In short, the minute I found myself in [Read More…]


You’d think by the time you get to be my age, things would be a little less uncertain. But they’re not. As I feel myself being uncertain, and see my friends being uncertain, I have a few things I do to make it not seem so bad: Be Here Now It seems like focusing on [Read More…]