Victim or Perpetrator?

Go to google right now. Search for “prostitution arrest” and select “images.” Or even better yet, don’t do that. Take my word for it. That google search will give you page after page of mug shots of women and men who have been arrested on solicitation charges. If sex workers are victims, as the anti-trafficking [Read More…]

Trafficking: Misunderstood Scourge

The Christian Science Monitor published an article by this name on September 10. In it, they write: As with anything that involves the letters S, E, and X, academics, advocates, and the general public are emotional and divided. Dig beneath the surface of the anti-sex-trafficking movement and there are ambiguities and confusions and facts and [Read More…]

Save Us from Saviours

I consider this concept in my book due out in November,  I Heart Sex Workers: A Christian Response to People in the Sex Trade. If the people you are trying help do not like you, you should rethink your strategy. [Read more…]