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The Sacred Life-Artisan’s Book of Wonderment

Crafting a Personal Book of Inspiration, Guidance and Prayer

A Six-Week Online, On Demand, Independent Study

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Crafting the Sacred Life-Artisan’s Book of Wonderment is a transformative spiritual and creative process. Using the Sacred Life-Arts’ seven facets of illumination as steppingstones, you will archive material from your life reflecting your unique artisan passions. Your book will be unique to YOU, because the forms of inspiration, guidance, and prayer that reflect your mind, heart, and spirit will be archived to fill the pages.  Click here for details and registration.

Your Sacred Life-Artisan’s Book of Wonderment is a scrapbook, a reflective journal, and catalogue of inspiration. The process of creating your Sacred Life-Artisan’s Book of Wonderment will open portals for transformation and spiritual/creative enrichment.

Your special Book of Wonderment will be crafted using a variety of visual and written techniques. What books, poetry, quotations, films, spiritual insight, personal life experiences, friends, family, nature experiences, colors, textures, music, etc., etc. have formed and informed your life? Think about what is sacred to you.